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January 06, 2010


Jon French

I said I would never leave youth ministry. I don't do youth ministry any more. I think God wants us to not have a backup plan and to plan to die where we are. That way we aren't looking for the next thing. We just keep doing the last thing God told us to do and let God bring the next move to us.

Dori and I are praying for you and your family during this transition.


We did the same kind of move recently, when my husband took a youth pastor position down here in Cincy. I know God loves Michigan just as much as we do but its better to follow in God's footsteps then live in a life of regret for not going where He leads. Prayers your way.

Rick Crossette

I feel your heart, praying for your time of transtion Brad.


David Norman

What an outstanding blog...both regarding the difficulty leaving and the lessons learned about sweaping statements.

cyndi norman

i certainly can relate to your struggle. five yrs ago God called me to the metro area using the most amazing series of events imaginable within a 3 hr window. clearly, there was no doubt about the call and there still isn't. so i came and i worked and i fell in love with this place and her people.

i, too, was certain i would pastor here to the end of my days. then this past october, a change occurred...just as suddenly God let me know my time here was done and i would be leaving.

i confess i really struggled with this. but God was just as faithful in confirming this in deed was the case. i found myself facing crossroads. a place and a decision that mirrored what i had been preaching and teaching for as long as i can remember. would i or would i not obey God especially when i have no idea what lies ahead?

for me the answer was obvious. yes, i would go wherever He wanted me to go. and yes, i would let go of what He had laid in my hands. but the emotional upheaval and sadness i experienced and continue to experience is tremendous. i have so many questions as to why God would give me such a heavy burden for this place and her people then ask me to leave. why would He call me so forcefully to detroit only to move me before my job here was done. but then again, maybe that is the key. my job here IS done and now it's time to move on to the next...whatever and wherever that may be.

the only thing i know for certain is that i love Almighty God with all my being and i long for people everywhere to know Him, too.

that is why i join in praying for you. not as one who knows you personally, but as one who shares your faith and your commitment to Almighty God. and i am confident that wherever you go in obedience to Him you will find His blessings and favor and mercies will follow. and so, too, will i.

blessings on you brad leach and your dear wife. and may God's loving hand continue to lead you all the days of your lives. and may your obedience lead to a great awakening of our Lord and Savior!

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