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December 23, 2009


Ernie Fox

Hope you didn't feed your tie into the shredder. It's not so much the loss of a tie, it's the whole strangulation issue that crops up.

Old files, painful memmories, emotional baggage, PODS and MAXIMUS STORAGE locations....All need to be purged at some point; all take some effort to clean 'em out; and one Great Savior is there to take our heavy burdens while we take on His light one. (Although with the PODS and storage units you still gotta do most of the work).

Merry Christmas!
Ernie Fox

thank you!

Dustin Taylor

Very Encouraging!

What a great attribute we picked up from God, the ability to Forget.

Thanks for all your blog posts.

Dustin Taylor

Rich Jones

Great word, Brad. So true!

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