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October 18, 2009



Netta and I (as well as Real Church) stand with you, Leah and COTK during these exciting days! You have our prayers & love.


Tory farina

You have been a true friend and inspiration. Yet again you challange me that we are always subject to Gods lead and not our own. Fallow the wind with confidance and know Elizabeth and I stand with you.

Craig T. Owens

Wow, huge decisions! But Betsy & I know from personal experience that once you commit to follow god, the doors begin to open. God knows exactly where to place you next (although, selfishly I hope it's not too far away!) and He will show you the perfect place and the perfect time. I'll be praying for you & Leah and COTK.

andrea & jason huang

wowwww, what a huge decision! we'll be praying for you guys -- thanks for all the ways that you've modeled risk & taking steps of faith for us. cotk was really home for us during our time in michigan -- thanks for your friendship & guidance, brad & leah!

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