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September 01, 2009


Al Di Salvatore

Eating Paste?

JD Bayer

OCD. A messy enviroment drives you crazy. (Makes fatherhood interesting)


You dressed up very very strangely.

Ernie Fox

You're probably wearing a full Detroit Lions' Jersey (substitute University of Michigan here). Go Green! Check out my favorite Sparty during the run out this Saturday! I'll be there...Hope Western Michigan isn't too rough on your Wolverines.
I remain,
A fan of the woeful Lions and the not-woeful Brand Leach and COTK.

Ernie Fox


I'm guessing it's something about having clean clothes or staying clean...something like that...from all the stories Paul has told me. :)

Craig T. Owens

My guess is that it is something "unusual" that your Dad is wearing. Or perhaps you and your Dad match?

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