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June 23, 2009



simply gorgeous!

Sarah Hunter

Aw Gabriella is beautiful Brad!:) Congratulations:)

~Sarah H.~


So happy for the two of you. She is beautiful!


Beautiful little girl...what a precious gift from the Lord.

Craig T. Owens

How awesome! Gabby was knit together in Leah's womb by the loving hands of our Creator. God has created her for plans He has for her. How beautiful is that!

Kim Porter

Happy Father's Day!!!! Congrats on a beautiful daughter!

Chris K.

Please let her be a "Detroit" fan.
Congrats Pastor Brad and Leah.

Marg Hukill

Congratulations Brad & Leah! She is beautiful! God bless you all!
Darwin & Marg Hukill

Raina Swaggerty

Congratulations Brad & Leah. A gift from God in such an amazing package.

Jaime Hlavin

She's beautiful! Congrats you, two - from Aaron and I.



Oh I am so happy for you both and both of your families! I am bawling right now, but through the tears she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! I love her so much and love you both! Congratulations on your precious little miracle. God is GOOD!!!

Mike Kelliher

WOW! Gabby is so alert,,, and I think I should know - I coached our three and have been there within hours of each of the grandkids....what a blessing, Leah! she is so smart!!

Ernie Fox

She is amazingly cute and seems so alert! Must be that extra time she spent. We couldn't be happier for the three of you. God Bless you.
Ernie and Chris Fox

Mary Beth

So beautiful. I and I concur... she looks like Leah!


i agree!

Chris & Nedra

Wow... she looks just like Leah, what a little beauty!

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