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June 25, 2009


Linda Jackson

Brad, and Leah,

Ed and I are so very excited for you and the entire family! Your baby was born the morning after Aarons little Isabella Grace! Children are truly fearfully and wonderfully made! Gods best blessings to you and yours! Ed and Linda Jackson

Jamie Sebastian

Brad, loved the update. Tony and I laughed out loud and shared in the joy of your first moments, remembering ours as well. You will both be the best parents. Tony wanted me to add, that he agrees with your philosophy on the Lions.

Raina Swaggerty

Thank you for taking the time to write the first 52 hours...I am truly moved and laughed til I cried.

Sarah Hunter

In all this busyness and happiness you have been going through it's so nice of you to keep all of us that have been on the edge of our seats wondering AND praying too of course to hear some updates and we thank you for that:) Josh and I will keep on lifting you 3 up in our prayers:) And I have to say that this post was great. It was sweet and funny as well. And that picture of Leah and Gabriella is beautiful:) I can't wait to meet her and I can't wait for you and Leah to experience all that comes with the joy of having a daughter who will show so much love to her Mommy and Daddy every day:)!!!

andrea huang

Brad & Leah,

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jason and I have been traveling lots so we didn't hear of the news until now. =) so excited for the newest addition to the family. blessings to you both and may jesus multiply your hours of sleep!

much love ~ jason & andrea huang

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