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August 28, 2008



Not sure on the wording yet, but something like this: "National Step on an Ohio State Jersey Day."


...and that day should be a Saturday and let's say, why not on the same day as let's say, maybe the Michigan / Ohio State game...question we step on the Jersey before or after or during the game????

Cheryl Dunn

Mine would be National Put your wife before your dog week. I am thinking it should be a month though, maybe. I actually would be happy with a day. As you can guess I am married to a dog lover.

shelley allen

thanks for the info on wife appreciation day! i'm sure cullen will be really excited about this one! :)


when i was in college, one of my best friends (jessica) used to take my calendar at the end of every month and fill in "special days" on my calendar for the next month. so on any random day i might check my calendar to see "kim is a fox day":) so i decided to dedicate the entire month of november to her. november is international (because one year she was in greece and we still celebrated) jessica wattelet month!


I'm loving the way September is sitting now. I just think we need to spread out the celebration a little. Maybe make March 20 Buy the Person Who Cooks Meals In Your House a Present Day????

Chilly Chilton

Man, you hating on my Ohio State Buckeyes is cold-blooded...

I might add "dress like a gangsta day" - I'd really enjoy seeing pastor's with about 5 inches of boxers showing - ha!

by the way, I've started growing hair on the tops of my feet for: Hobbit Day (Sept. 22)!


national dress like a superhero day1 [like a 2nd halloween!}

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