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March 15, 2008



It seems everything indeed does happen for a reason. Just wanted to share with you that I'm now attending an A/G church that speaks English, Twi, and Italian. It's a little confusing sometimes, but I'm glad I got to know Pastor David before I left. It helps me understand the Ghanian culture and accents better. :)

Paul Stewart

I really appreciate guys like this. I think it displays incredible humility and a passion to keep learning.

On the other hand, as a young minister I think I have a different calling than Gary. I’ve read all three of the books he mentions, and while I learned a lot from each, they really just reinforced what I already knew. I’m not saying that I don’t have to work to stay informed but at twenty-nine I think I am just naturally more in-tune with current ministry trends.

In fact, I have begun to realize that I am an information junky. I am constantly downloading and listening to podcasts, reading blogs & magazines, or searching for the latest trends in music, culture, and religion.

I think that a younger minister’s calling is really the inverse of Gary’s. I have to discipline myself to spend more time reading the “classics” – Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Bonhoeffer, Chesterton, etc. I need to find the time to sit down with older men and see things from their perspective. I also need to make a conscious effort to limit my information consumption and focus instead on prayer, scripture reading, and meditation.

I think things like this probably come more naturally to guys like Gary – which is why he must discipline himself to stay informed on the current trends.


Hey Paul, interesting thoughts. You helped me better define my "take-away" from those hours with Gary.

The lesson isn't "read what he's reading" or "ask the questions he's asking." Maybe it's "follow his example" by continually stretching myself to explore important disciplines and insights that don't come as naturally to me.


What an insightful gentleman you're having the opportunity to learn from. It is a blessing to know how the Lord has guided you, Pastor Brad, in further development for the Kingdom.

I love what the Holy Spirit is doing within the church under your leadership.

Gary Collins

I am blown away by Brad's comments. I came away feeling that the time I had with him was stretching to me rather than the other way around.

Today I heard a podcast sermon in which the speaker cited info showing that the people who keep learning and keep in contact with different generations are more likely to live longer and be sharper in their later years. There is neurological and other evidence to show this. So thanks to guys like Brad and thanks to the people who responded, I am able to keep growing and keep alert (at least for the next twenty years or so!)

I think God brings people into our lives to stretch and encourage us. Brad is one of those people. I appreciated Paul's comments and Brad's response.

I don't sense that my journey is over yet. As long as I have health and energy I want to pour into the lives of next generation leaders and, in turn. learn from them. Thanks for letting me add to the discussion.

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