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October 10, 2007



Congratulations to the whole family!


Congrtats! Grandpa sure looks happy!

Mary Beth Bradshaw

Hey Uncle Brad...I think he weighed 5 lbs. 15 oz. Totally a guy thing. Leah..on the other hand...reported correct stats on her blog!


Okay...Betsy looks AMAZING for having just popped out that precious boy! Congratulations! Robert is the best name for your first nephew (trust me:)...and last night you said he weighed 5 lb. 13 oz. :)

Cheryl Dunn

William Bradly...where are the pictures with grandma? I am so exicted for Besty and hubby!!! When Terrilynn and Mark were going to have there little boy a little over a year a go I suggested they name there baby William (after Mark's dad) and Robert (after Terrilynn's dad my husband) and I told them we would call him Billy Bob...well Benjamin Andrew was the named suttled on...gee I wonder why. LOL

Betsy has a Robert William. I have to say I like the name Robert and William is great too. We named Bubba Robert Troy and he got stuck with Bubba. When you figure that one out call me!!! TEEE, HEEE. Bubba was more than twice the size of baby Robert!! Have lots of fun with the little guy and remember "Uncle" Brad what ever you do with Robert will be remembered by the parents when you and Leah have your children!!!

Tell your mom and dad I said Hi and I love them. Do they have email? Give your mom my email address and tell her to write. I would love to hear from her. Betsy could have waited for today and had Robert, then he would have been born on my birthday.

Have a great weekend. Love, Cheryl Dunn

Chilly Chilton

Congratulations Uncle Brad and Aunt Leah!! Sounds kind of weird at first doesn't it?

Thrilled for ALL of you!

Smiles, cheers, and prayers,
Chilly & Real Church

Cheryl Floyd

God Bless You ALl! Having the first baby in the family is soooo exciting. Enjoy every minute you have together...they grow up so fast. od is so good...having Leah there to celebrate.

bob king

so how is bobbbie now. well I ho

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