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October 18, 2007



The rainbow in my neighborhood is pretty pale; but, my church is colorful. I found something there that could be passed on to every church and it spreads like wildfire and crosses racial, socioechonomical barriers, and so on. -Have your greeters start hugging each the folks coming into your church. Have your "peace be with you" breaks include hugs. Don't laugh. It works. And it is very real.


Pastor Brad,

I was so proud of how the Holy Spirit helped you deliver this message on Sunday. The ministry that Church of King has provided to my family and me has been a true blessing. I am praying as we strive for reconciliation that we find opportunities and avenues for the white culture to feel included and find ways to support their walk. The devil is busy and has many hiding behind the invisible “white privilege” and afraid to reach out, speak out, and stand out. Both races have heavy burdens to bear. We could learn from each other to put an end to the inequity sins of our ancestors and move forward towards Christ. God bless you for your vision.


You totally get it! I'm a minority biracial woman and it was so refreshing reading your words. Knowing that there are people like you sharing your realizations with other white brothers and sisters in the faith keeps hope alive.

p.s. I found your blog via Pastor Chilly's.

jamey johnson

That's why Malcolm said, "Whitey go home!" If whites want to help bring justice to unjust society and break down this racialized society...then help by speaking truth to people who look like you, talk like you, smell like, come from the same cultural background as you...good post bro!

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