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December 08, 2006



You can forward them to me and I'll pass along the secret recipes. :-) Way to stand your ground!


Ha...I love your blog, Jesus, Michigan football and better homes and I mean cooking what could be better!!! Keep up the good work..I'm encouraged :)


Brad, I thought by now you would be utilizing your unique talents and strengths rather than your weaknesses. God has gifted you with leadership, apostolic ministry, faith, preaching, etc.

The Word of the Lord (speaking through His servant Michael) says, "Don't cook! Don't try! Continue with fast food and restaurants! Search, yes, search far and wide for a suitable helpmate!" Thus saith the Lord through His servant Michael.

Personal Bible Study for Brad -Genesis 2:18 and Esther 2:2


I don't think that I have even P. Brad's "etc.", but I still want someone to tell me, "Don't cook! Don't try!" :>


Costco? How many people are you planning on cooking for? (I've already heard through the grapevine that you have huge jars of Ragu and peanut butter at home)

...and don't listen to Michael...he secretly wants the original beef stew recipe to cook his venison with:)


Esther 2:2? That's kind of gross!


Could you imagine trying to implement Esther 2.2? That would be tricky:)


Costco??? Are you one of those people like Paul who when he does something new he doesn't just do it, but goes all out and crazy with it?

P.S. Forego the Ragu. Make your own sauce. It's really easy and I have a great recipe.


P.S.S. If you follow Michael's Esther advice you might be single forever. I would follow Sister Clay's advice, "shake the bushes."

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