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November 14, 2006



Rachel Ray is married!


Really? This keeps getting worse:( Not to mention I'm a little afraid to date felons, so Martha's out.


mmm, football and salsa...

Hey, good luck this weekend. I don't really have a favorite or care who wins, but if it'll make you feel better that the Wolverines win, then I'll be a Wolverine homer for a day. It's been what, 10 or so years the last time 1 and 2 faced off in the regular season? Here's to some good football watching.

Cheryl Floyd

Hi Pastor Brad,

Rachel Ray is already taken...sorry. There's always Betty Crocker or Aunt Jemimas in a desperate situation.

I have a great recipe that is easy and done either in a crock pot or pyrex dish. Throw in chicken (use anything you want to spice it), add fresh mushroom, add sliced onion, put mushroom soup over it and a little cheese of your preference and bake at 350 for 45 min-hour. Put over rice or add rice with water to casserole while cooking...bon apetite.

Another, take the red potatoes and slice up in the bottom of a roaster pan..season as you would like. Over the top of potatoes, put a bag or jar of sauerkraut, and on top of that, lay pork cops, or spare ribs and cover. Cook for 1-1.5 hours at 350. About 20 min- 1/2 hour before serving, brush meat with your favorite barbeque sauce....yum-yum!!

Then, unbutton your pants and enjoy the game...make certain you take the alka seltzer or prilosec...ha-ha!!

Billy Mayfield

Mazzio's is my favorite recipe.


you wanna put yourself through another Michigan loss to Tressel again. the salsa sounds good but i wouldn't watch the game


Did you know Don makes salsa? Very good salsa too I might add. Just something you might not have know about your former intern.


Sorry guy, if only you discovered this curiosity or should I say hunger early. Rachael Ray is united with Cusimano. Since football is a part of you(Leach), you must make one of my favorite apps for your football possy....guacamole. But it's not just any guac. I may market this someday.

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