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October 27, 2006



It's so powerful how execution determines outcomes. The Tigers avoid those errors it's 2-2. Was it lack of preparation, loss of focus, nerves, or just plain bad baseball. It's interesting because execution effects life daily.

Many people are dealing with so much pain and problems and they need better execution. We have a task at hand, just like coaches, to help people prepare daily to have better execution in life in any circumstance. In sports it is so important to prepare, practice, and study. A lot of times, the team who puts more time and effort in preparation, wins. Sometimes you just lose though.

I love sports because it shows love, passion, unity, teamwork, discipline, and much more. It provides stability to communities, hope to family's, direction for the youth, and organiztion. In sports most of the time you have another game to make it right and to be better. When we are dealing with Christ sometimes we don't have another opportunity to tell someone about Jesus.

People need us, and rely on our execution in the clutch to deliver the gospel and let the Holy Spirit do the rest! To make our execution more powerful it comes with prayer, study, and worship that is the preparation. Then we act and watch peoples lives become transformed, renewed, and inspired with hope to live for Christ. Some people just need to know that He loves us so much that He died for us not b/c He had to, but because He choose to! Let's prepare and execute for Christ and GO TIGERS!!!

Michael Dubbels

Cardinals: 3
Tigers: 1


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