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September 16, 2006



We're actually going to be able to watch it this year since we'll be visiting the states. I thought we would have to miss the big game. It's sad to see you get your hopes up this way. Really.


Michigan played lights-out and was fun to watch. And then to do it in South Bend? Congrats.


Easy Brad...slow down there. My family is from Ohio and we bleed scarlet and grey! We agree on Christ, but it looks like we don't agree on this :-) I hope both teams are undefeated to make it even more of a outstanding matchup; on top of already being the greatest rivalry in all of SPORTS! I was happy to see them dominate ND, but that's just one game. Don't forget U of M has to go the HORSESHOE this year homie! Can't wait till gametime!!


Did you spell "Buckeyes" wrong on purpose? Hope not, if so you have been drinking too much "Hatorade", time to switch back to "Gatorade", if you want to walk away Columbus with a "W"!!! GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


it should have been from Columbus typo, I wish I could edit or delete my comment after it's posted...


Hey Jerome. Buckeie dosen't deserve to be spelled correctly. And as far as your regret over your comment, as a Bockeye fan you should get used to disappointment:)


Brad, I don't know about getting used to disapointment; that has been a feeling U of M fans have felt in most recent years! It's on!!!


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