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March 01, 2006



Did you notice that the date calculator is a page from Duke? I wonder when college basketball superstar JJ Redick's 10,000 day is...


Katie, I think you may be confused. This site is designed to help you calculate a date, not get one.


you mean this calculator won't help me get a date this Friday night? Bummer. And I was so hopeful :`( It's ok, because I've got a couple years to go before my 10k. :)


I am dumbfounded. How spectacular to create such an event of your 10,000th day. Mine is August 25th. Maybe I'd better start planning...


Ok, maybe I shouldn't have done the calculations. My 10,000 day WAS on January 25, 1987!! And I have 3,020 days til my 20,000 which is June 12, 2014!!! I'm just going to rejoice in this day and be glad for 16,980 days!!!!


My 10,000 day is goning to be on 17/may/10. i read a book witten by kary mulli where he talks about the 10,000 day and it is supoused that you have to rest this day, what can you tell me about this?..greetings from mexico


Hey, I just started a website for this exact purpose:

I realize I'm about 3 years behind this blog post, but just letting y'all know

Kyle Byckalo

This is actually incorrect. Try entering in your birthday and adding 1 year (365 or 366 days, whichever applies to your birthday time/year). I found that it is 1 day ahead. For example, my birthday is april 28th, 1984. But this site claims my 365th day is april 28th, 1985, which means that they count the day I was born as day 0 (and no the leap year of 84 doesnt apply cuz i was born after february 29th). Technically the day you are born is day 1. So if you want an accurate calculation, subtract 1 day from what it tells you. I only know this because I calculated my 10K day on my own and this site told me it was a day later, which prompted me to look into it.


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