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February 27, 2006



The cinematography was excellent! I laughed histerically, I wept intensely, (I questioned whether the director was a complete nutcase)
Congratulations, Brad! You have managed to accomplish and exceed far beyond my expectations of what any normal person would do on their 10,000th day of being alive. I just hope Swiss Miss doesn't come after you for taking all their marshmallows. :)

Tammy Kujawa

Hey B.,
You are hilarious!!! I had no idea! That video made my day. Thanks!
P.S. I think I must have just had my 10,000th day in the past week or so, but I don't think it compared to yours. ;)


I loved it! Masterpiece Theater, right there, baby! The music choices...genius, of course, the Braveheart music was the best! (And I thought I was the only person that roasted tiny marshmallows over candles! The fun part is making s'mores out of them...yummy yummy!) I must know, how did you get cameras into those stores? That is so not legal! Great job - 10,000 applauses.

jenny chang

that was hilarious! i watched it with one of my roommates and we couldn't stop laughing! it was also inspiring... my 10,000th day is coming up (i think), so i hope to celebrate that milestone with just as much gumption! ;)


That's great! Happy belated "birthday"! very fun


Wow! Talk about getting a stomach ache! Hilarious! I am impressed that y'all ate them all. Well.. at least tried. Looks like a very "fulfilling" day!

Cara and Amanda

It just made us sick...seriously...your going to get diabetes.

Ann Lee

Your video was sent to me by my 40 something daughter who enjoyed it. I loved it and I am a 70 something great grandmother! Keep up the good work. I hope I am "with the Lord" when you do your 20,000 day one. Blessings

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